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FD 34 with the new Gnome 40

Gnome 40 🙂

Fedora my go to distro when I just need stuff to work. I plan  to duplicate my current i3 Arch setup on this new release they have integrated btrfs file system and will be making further improvements with regard to btrfs. Support in the fedora world is fairly good and friendly lots of online resources as usual a good trustworthy search engine is your friend.

Fedora has added an i3 spin in version 34 so setting up the rest should be fairly straightforward with a copy of my i3 configuration file setup just how I like it and away I go…..maybe!

Well let’s see what happens, I do have to work also so I will get it done in the bits in-between. Anyway I’ll be doing this initial setup as a VM so if it goes wrong I can simply start over.

Bring it on!

As you can see from the picture above I am all done with the install onto my laptop, there will be some fine tuning, however, all is now working well.

Here is a link to my config file if it helps anyone 🙂


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